A Skincare Routine To Clear and Refine Large Pore Size

Today’s question comes from Lara:  “Why does my skin have big pores and what can I do about it?

Answer by Dr Jasmina Paul, Aesthetics Practitioner At Aesthetics Glow Clinic:

Dear Lara, this is a very common issue I see very often with my clients. We all have pores – they’re simply openings of the sebaceous follicles on the surface of the skin. The size of your pores is determined by the amount of sebum (oil) being produced. The more sebum produced, the more the follicle and pore stretch to accommodate the amount of oil being secreted.

Typically, large pore size is related to overactive sebaceous gland activity, so those with oily or combination skin tend to experience more visible pores.

Age and “tired” skin function can also contribute to enlarged pores, as can sun exposure and skin that is out of balance due to incorrect skincare product use, hormonal /health issues, medication use or other lifestyle reasons.

When it comes to actual pore size, unfortunately, this is static and there is no way of reducing the size of your pores permanently. This is usually genetic and passed on through generations in a similar way to hair colour, height, etc. Although we cannot alter their size, there are things we can do to make the pores appear smaller. This is because their visibility is amplified by a buildup of excess oil, dirt, makeup and other environmental pollutants. Hence, we can deep cleanse our skin and improve its natural luminosity.

What can you do about your enlarged pores ? 

  1. Deep cleanse your skin
    You must cleanse your skin with adequate cleansing brush for your skin type to remove excess oil and dirt accumulated during the day. Please watch our Instagram stories to show you how this is done and which cleansing brush Dr Jasmina and her clients are using on their skin as part of their morning and evening skincare routine. It only takes 2 minutes am &  pm to properly clean your skin.

  2. Your skincare products must be carefully chosen for its light absorbing properties. Some examples include pore cleansing gels along with hyaluronic acid serum such as MOIST serum.

    Revitalising clay mask with sea botanicals draws out dirt and impurities from the skin for dewy insta glow ready selfie.

  3. Glowing Skin Treatments that can help with enlarged pores:

Hydra Facial : This treatment works really well for your skin type and it’s an excellent go to treatment when your skin needs deep detox and healthy boost.Skin peels  remove outer layer (dead cells ) thus improving skin texture and radiance.

Bio-revitalisation & mesotherapy are potent vitamin and antioxidant cocktails which work on skin health and rebalancing of oil & moisture ratio.

New to the scene is the use of Meso Botox Injections , though in this instance it is superficially placed in the upper layers of the skin instead of the muscles that control facial movement. The effect on the tiny muscles that only control the sebaceous gland seems to prevent the pores from “expanding”, so we’re beginning to see tighter, finer pores in patients who have chosen to be treated with superficial-level placement of Botox.

*Pore size action is temporary and will return to your “normal” once the Botox wears off. However, your skin quality will increase with time due to potent meso cocktails used in this treatment.

✨ Aquagold Treatment –

Featured as one of the “18 Genius Tips for Glowing Skin” by Glamour magazine, Aquagold will help to give you:

  • Dewy and hydrated skin
  • An “airbrushed” look
  • Smoothed-out pores and lines
  • Stimulated collagen production





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