3 Reasons Why Your Skin Has Lost It’s Glow (and what to do about it)

It’s difficult to quantify but when your skin has lost its glow, you know. Sapped of its natural radiance, skin can start to look grey, tired and a little bit ‘meh’ for a multitude of reasons, which is why we’ve highlighted the three main aggressors (and talked you through how to avenge them). Take that skin saboteurs – your glow -leaching days are over!


1) Your hormones have their part to play in your complexion’s glow (or lack thereof). Responsible for wreaking havoc – acne, excess oil, pigmentation… you name it! During the course of your cycle and as you approach menopause, oestrogen dips as testosterone rises, which leads to a surge in oil synthesis. This accentuates the visibility of pores and contributes to blackheads and adult acne so your skin looks more uneven and less light-reflective.


Oil attracts oil so try our GLOW NO MORE ACNE Kit to balance your skin’s hormonal changes. It’s also packed with vitamin C and antioxidants to exhibit a brilliant brightening benefit.


2) Stress is linked to your hormonal balance and can influence your complexion’s lustre. In fact, stress triggers your body’s ‘fight or flight’ instinct, which diverts blood to your vital organs leaving skin dry, red, and tired looking.


If you’re going through a stressful time, try stimulating micro-circulation with OXYGEN HYDRA FACIAL treatment . Not only does this give you ‘relaxation space’ to get your mind off of stressful thoughts, but the act of using hydra oxygen beauty machine will encourage blood to skin’s surface to recapture that ‘glow from within’ look we love.

At home, use a gentle, refreshing GLOW toner with GLOW RADIANCE Kit, and take time really ‘working’ products into your skin, then use a fingertip technique to maximize absorption of your serum, eye cream, moisturizer… you’ll restore your skin’s micro- circulation and exude beautiful glow.

We all know that beauty starts from within and when we are stressed our diet is lacking in skin boosting nutrients. To counteract stressful times, you can nourish your skin from the inside out with GLOW BEAUTY VITAMIN Kit.


3) Your Existing Skincare is not suitable for your skin type.

The everyday skincare routine has a lot to answer for… if you’re using inadequate products this could cause your skin to look dull, congested, irritated, uneven, grey and older than your years.


Take some time off to nourish yourself – Book your Skincare Consultation and take a look at award winning selection of GLOW Skincare Kits – maybe it’s time to choose a different skincare !

GLOW Skincare is a Medical Professional range boasting a cocktail of reparative, radiance-boosting active ingredients to maintain skin’s strength and neutralise harmful aggressors to recapture your skin’s vitality and radiance.


Keep glowing !

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