Benefits of Vitamin Shots

The human body needs at least 30 vitamins, minerals and amino acids a day to keep it healthy.

It is believed that all of these nutrients should come from our diet or from supplement tablets however with depleted soils and busy lifestyles, less than half of the required vitamins can be obtained this way.

Developed in the 1960’s, the use of Vitamin injections is regarded as an effective method which delivers essential vitamins and minerals straight into the blood stream. IV Nutrition Therapy (IVNT) uses a variety of vitamin “cocktails” to give the body the nutrients it needs. This is not to say that you should feed your body with IV therapy – your primary source of nutrients should be from healthy wholesome foods.

IV nutrition therapy has often been criticised by medical community for the lack of sufficient evidence supporting its benefits. This is often the case when it comes to the alternative medicine approaches (eg herbal medicine ). And yet we know so many cases where Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine have helped cure or stabilise various health imbalances.

The demand for Vitamin injections treatment is increasingly growing with athletes and celebrity influencers leading the way.

The best source for getting our vital nutrients is from organic whole foods sources. However, with depleted soils and our busy lifestyle our bodies often end up with vitamin and mineral deficiencies, feeling chronic lack of energy. Whole food nutrition from a variety of sources is the foundation of good health, and Wellness Shots could intensify your nutritional intake and help bridge the gap between what we do eat and what we should eat.

At Aesthetics GLOW Clinic we fully support the view that we should all embrace healthy lifestyle habits and that vitamin injections should only be given when absolutely needed to restore energy or depleted nutrients reserves.

GLOW vitamin cocktails have been designed to help our clients with key areas such as the following:

✔️ Boost energy levels

✔️ Improving athletic performance

✔️ General wellbeing

✔️ Immune support

✔️ Hydration

✔️ Glowing Skin

✔️ Fat burning

Please take a look at our bespoke Wellness Shots here designed to boost your wellbeing and skin’s radiance.

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  1. Jay Jorgenson
    Jay Jorgenson says:

    My cousin is a track runner. I like how you explain that wellness shots intensify your nutrition. Thank you for the information. I’ll recommend my cousin to get health vitamins so he can be healthy.


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